Cloudflare Access Code email not received

I was trying to log on to and saw i needed a cloudflare access code. I put in my email and it told me a code was emailed, but no email was received. My email is working normally, i tried two different websites emails, and i re-sent it three times. My emails i tried are outlook and a business domain email. Does anyone know how t fix this issue?. And I can’t use google OAuth. Screenshot attached below.

Is that your site?

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No, should it be? Maybe i stumbled upon that by mistake.

Probably. Just because you enter an email address there and it claims to have sent an email to you, it doesn’t mean you’re on “the list” or will get that email code.

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Ok, didn’t know what it was, thank you. It’s supposed to be a public access test site for all players of said game, so ill take it up with them. Perhaps i need to be added first.

I show account verification emails as being delivered to you @user4524 and I see your email address is verified, but I don’t see any logins to the cloudflare dashboard. At mentioned by @sdayman, it may not be the place you were looking for. I’d verify if the site is correct & if so contact whoever runs it to see if they added you to the instance.

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Ok, I just sent a support ticket to the website owner. Thank you for the help.

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