Cloudflare Access Broken?

If Cloudflare Access just not working (or not propagating changes in a reasonable amount of time)?

This domain is behind Access and redirects an unauthenticated user to an invalid URL.

Have another URL that is whitelisted by IP address and it works as expected with an old block. Added a new whitelisted block today and that block is denied access, but the old one still works. As a test, I removed the old block so it should be denied and it’s functioning as if nothing was changed (old block is allowed, new block is disallowed instead of other way around).

Really looks like there’s a propagation issue happening to me.

Seems to have sorted itself out after a couple hours (without me making any config changes). Just seems like propagation had a 2 hour lag is all I guess. :man_shrugging:t2:

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