Cloudflare Access as OAuth Proxy?

I often want to stick an application behind Cloudflare Access that has both a web component and a native application (e.g. Windows desktop or mobile app). There are two examples of this: Seafile (a self-hosted Dropbox like app) and Jellyfin (self-hosted Plex, media server).

The Web GUIs of these apps work just fine with Cloudflare Access (because there is no problem with logging in via the browser) but the native apps don’t work because they don’t know how to authenticate with Cloudflare Access. They do support OAuth though, so if there was some way to make Cloudflare Access be an OAuth proxy server of sorts (which under the covers uses whatever OAuth I have configured, e.g. Google OAuth), then I would be able to use these applications with Cloudflare Access. Is that possible?

The recent announcement for “Cloudflare Access for SaaS” sounds exactly like what I was looking for (w/ SAML auth) so I’ll be investigating that. Thanks!

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