Cloudflare Access Argo Tunnel SMB Mac OS

Been following this guide:

The Argo tunnel seems to be up and the server is responding via TCP on port 445 via testing on Mac OS Terminal. Can’t figure out how to mount the share using Mac OS GUI. Finder – Go menu – Connect to server.

Tried every connection way I can think of, none seems to work.Anybody have this working or some ideas on what we might be doing wrong?

Similar issue here but with a windows 10 client trying to connet to SMB shares on a remote Windows Server 2019. I am not sure how to proceed from this step:

\cloudflared.exe access tcp --hostname --url localhost:8445
This command can be wrapped as a desktop shortcut so that end users do not need to use the command line.
Open your SMB client and configure the client to point to tcp:localhost:8445. Do not input the hostname.
When the client launches, cloudflared will launch a browser window and prompt the user to authenticate with your SSO provider.

I don’t know of a way to enter the tcp:localhost:8445 address in Widows Explorer on the client machine. Strange, if I enter the hostname in Windows Explorer, it opens the browser and says access is granted.

I was able to get it to work. On your Mac, Finder - Go - Connect to Server.

Then enter smb://localhost:2244 for the server address (but replace 2244 if you’re using a different port.

It’s a bit on the slow side but it works.