CloudFlare access and SEO / WebSite scanners

I have a new website which we are about to make go live. We are using Cloudflare Access feature so staff can complete final testing before making live. We have a staging server as well - but always good to test the real thing :slight_smile:

However, some of our testing requires using services like and SEMRush for SEO which use scanners. They are hitting the Cloudflare Access login page and so of course failing. We would also like to be able to use speed test scanners like GTMatrix, Google Speed test etc.

Is there any way for these sorts of services to bypass the access page login?


I canโ€™t think of a way, nor would I hope it would be possible. The point of Access is to require a verified login to access that site.

I think youโ€™ll just have to disable Access for brief windows of testing.

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