Cloudflare Access and arbitrary TCP ports

I understand that you can do arbitrary tcp ports using Cloudflare and Argo tunnel

The server resource that the clients will be connecting to uses 2 ports though. All the examples use 1 port. I don’t see how you add more than 1 port in the terminal command using this as an example below

cloudflared access tcp --hostname --url localhost:9210

It would seem to me that cloudflared, like most processes, can only listen on one port at a time.
I believe you can run more than one cloudflared process at a time. It would seem to me that whatever port you specify at your server is what will be set up at the Cloudflare end.

But I may be wrong. I’m sure @adaptive know for sure.

When using arbitrary TCP ports I needed to run a command for each port i wanted in a different terminal window. Example for client machine:

cloudflared access tcp --hostname [hostname1] --url localhost:[port number1]
cloudflared access tcp --hostname [hostname2] --url localhost:[port number2]