Cloudflare accelerates without CNAME WWW.?


Media Temple is saying that Cloudflare does not secure or accelerate domains without www. that’s true?,WILL%20CLOUDFLARE%20ACCELERATE%20AND%20PROTECT%20A%20ROOT%20DOMAIN%20(I.E.%20EXAMPLE.COM)%3F,-CloudFlare%20can%20only

Their claim is inaccurate. Whether or not a particular hostname is :orange: proxied has no dependence on it being entered into the Cloudflare DNS as a CNAME, A, or AAAA record. If you read more about how Cloudflare works you will see no mention of CNAMEs as a requirement.

Having personally configured Cloudflare proxied sites that use the apex domain, I can also offer personal anecdotal evidence attesting to the inaccuracy of the claim you referenced.

This will likely be in relation to a Partner CNAME setup. Some 3rd party integrations are limited to non-root hostnames due to the fact that CNAMEs are not allowed at the root of a domain without conversion to A/AAAA records.


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