Cloudflare abruptly flagged my websites as phishing sites and suspended the account

I woke up this morning with my two websites showing a huge red ‘Phishing site’ notice to users trying to access them.
Our company is not and has never been engaged in any phishing or spam activity. We’ve been just making audio software for the last 25 years.
We have not received any whatsover word of warning that something wrong was happening on our servers.
After contacting the Cloudflare abuse support, I got a reply simply saying that our account has been suspended because of ‘spam’ and that the suspension will stand. That’s it, no explanation, no evidence, nothing. Is this how a reputable company operates? We have 0% user reported spam rate on Google Postmaster tools.
Is this the ‘due process’ they talked about when the started taking down sites? (
Maybe they got tired of offering their service for free to our websites and decided to kick us out under false pretenses? Even so, a 24 hour warning email would have been a decent thing to do, and could have spared us the embarassment with our users.

I’d be glad to know wether someone else has similar stories.


Hi @flavio1,

Unfortunately, the community cannot help here. There should be a message in your Cloudflare dashboard with information about requesting a review, and normally you will receive an email which you can reply to for further info/questions.

I’ve requested the review and they simply answered that my account was flagged as ‘spam’ and that’s it. No evidence, no warning, nothing.
This is a very ugly behavior from a company that I thought was reputable.


You should be able to reply to that and ask them for more information. The community unfortunately can’t help here.

Also FYI the ‘Request review’ button on the account page doesn’t work, reports “Internal error processing the URL. This error has been logged. (Code: 1004)”. I was only able to contact support using the abuse email.


That does seem to have been reported a few times, now. I will pass this on.

:wave: @flavio1,

You may want to check your domain with common reporting tools such as

– OG

Thanks. I’ve just checked and it’s saying " check_circle No unsafe content found" for both sites ( and

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