Cloudflare A Records Pointing to Wrong IP Address?

I’m having an issue where I get a “Error 525 SSL Handshake” message when I try to visit my website.

I just had to restore my Wordpress site from a backup yesterday evening (about 12 hours ago) and in the process of doing that, my host provider deleted the Cloudflare DNS nameservers and I had to reenter the Cloudflare nameservers into my DNS records at the host. In speaking to my host provider, they said that the first issue they see is that Cloudflare does not appear to be directing traffic to the correctly associated IP address for my site. When they did a lookup to see what IP address is associated with my site, it shows that the DNS nameserver is correctly associated with Cloudflare but the associated IP address does not match the one associated with my actual website IP address at my host which is the IP address I used for the A Records. I asked if this could be related to DNS propagation issues but they said a lookup reveals that the DNS nameservers are properly associated with Cloudflare.

Is it possible that the A Records at Cloudflare are not pointing to the correct IP Address that I input into the A Record fields? How can I resolve this? Before my Wordpress site went down yesterday forcing me to restore it from a backup, it was working just fine with the same A Records so this is very strange. Is there any way to submit a ticket to Cloudflare?

Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated so I can get my site back online ASAP.

Regarding the IPs: this is by design. Cloudflare is a Proxy and their IPs are schön to YouTube visitors

Regarding the 525 Error:
Check If you have a valid SSL certificate on your server. If you haven’t:
I assume that you have Set SSL to Full (strict). Try Full

Perfect Mark. Yes, Cloudflare support got back to me and confirmed exactly what you are saying.

Thanks Mark!

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Now that this is resolved, can I get this topic thread I posted deleted as I would prefer not to have my site’s IP address information remain public since the point of Cloudflare is to have that masked via a proxy IP address?

Edit your post and delete the DNS picture. It’s hard to erase history on the Internet, but you can hide it a bit.

Perfect. I did that. Thank you.

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