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I’m using Cloudflare Registrar and transferred my domain from Google Domains. I’ve also just moved to Office 365 so I’ve updated my MX records, however in the process I decided to delete my A records because I figured they were pointing to Google servers which I am no longer using.

When trying to set up a new A record I realised Cloudflare do not seem to allow use of their own IP addresses for this purpose, and I cannot find if there is a Microsoft server I can use instead.

I would appreciate some any input:

  • Is there really not a way to use Cloudflare’s servers? If it’s not too expensive I don’t mind paying.
  • Does anyone know some Microsoft servers that would work? (I appreciate I’m posting in the Cloudflare community and not Office365)
  • Alternatively I could try something like Zoneedit I suppose?
  • Any other suggestions?

I’m pretty new to understanding DNS management and this is just for a personal domain and I don’t even want a website - I just want to be able to set up some web forwarding.

Alternatively if I have no A records, other than web traffic not reaching my domain, hopefully everything else will work such as email?


No, you can’t use a Cloudflare IP for an A record. You would have to contact Microsoft if you use their services to find the IP that they want you to use.

Cloudflare is not a web host.

Forwarding can be done in Cloudflare using page rules, but you only get 3 page rules on the free account. You can pay to buy more rules.

Yes, your mail does not need a website there to work.

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

OK so I’ll look into a Microsoft A record or another option.

I set up a page rule in Cloudflare but I think it still needs an A rule to work, which is weird (to me as a layman who maybe doesn’t understand the technical side) since Cloudflare is doing the web forwarding rather than the web host.

It does require an A record, you can just add a dummy record pointing to

Thanks so much, that worked!

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