Cloudflare 525 Error - Only in Chrome - seems like clearing cookies is the only solution, other browsers work

Seeing this evening a lot of 525 errors on our site through Cloudflare. My only resolution is clearing cookies in Chrome. Incognito does not work either.

Firefox and Edge work fine to resolve. This has been an occasional issue, but this evening is very bad.

That’s oddly specific. Just to confirm, you’re seeing the Cloudflare “Error 525” screen?

Your best bet would be to log the Cloudflare Ray IDs and email them to Support with what you’ve discovered:
Login & go to

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Are you sure all browsers are trying the same protocol (http vs https)?

We are seeing this as well. Reported by Chrome users - we have been unable to reproduce the error ourselves.

In our case, the user is active on our site (with HTTPS active) and when they then make the next request they will get the error. It is occurring on an AJAX request only, so we are not able to see the actual full error reply.

The browser is returning an error 525, which is triggered because the AJAX request is failing.

Any chance you saw this yesterday between 5:10pm-7:00pm est?

We are seeing it at a variety of times. Previously we had no way to associate the exact user request in the logs. So we know the error was happening at the client side, but could not associate it to an actual request.

By enhancing some error details we should now be able to associate a user error to an exact request, this only happens if going through Cloudflare. It does not happen if the user goes direct to our servers.

This was/is happening to me as well, and several others.

Let me know if you need further information. I have disabled routing through Cloudflare to prevent the errors, but now my traffic is not going through Cloudflare.

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