Cloudflare 522 - Connection Time Out issue after Moving DNS


We are a new vendor for an existing project and we are currently in the progress of moving the customer’s domains from the existing vendor’s CloudFlare account to our own CloudFlare account.

  • Existing vendor manages his own CloudFlare account and the existing web server.
  • We have access to our CloudFlare account.
  • Our customer has access to registrar control panel for the domains.

We tried to move one domain by changing the name server records for the domain to point to the one provided in the new CloudFlare account on the registrar end, and the website failed to show with CloudFlare 522: Connection time out error. We have ensured that the DNS records for the domain on the new CloudFlare account is exactly the same as the records on the current one.

We have tried following the troubleshooting steps outlined on this document but the issue still persists:

The website is back online if we change back the name server records to the original CloudFlare account.

What could have caused the 522 error to appear? We have verified that the web server is running, on exactly the same IP address, and the DNS records set on the new CloudFlare account is exactly the same as in the current one. No DNSSEC being configured, default WAF is being set.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

May I ask what happens when you Pause Cloudflare for your domain?

Can you make sure that all the Cloudflare settings are identical? Including SSL encryption mode - it could be possible that previously they were using Full (strict) but the current one is using Flexible?

Hi - thanks for your reply. I believe pausing CloudFlare would bring users directly to the origin web server, which will not work because the existing vendor is configuring a firewall on the webserver to only allow requests from CloudFlare IPs.

Thanks eric for the advice – will check with existing vendor and confirm.

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