Cloudflare 521 error whenever cloudflare ssl is enabled

Hello, my website ( if that helps) responds fine on HTTP and I see the pages and everything, but whenever I turn on Cloudflare’s SSL and connect to it via HTTPS it just throws this error 521 “web server down” at me despite my web server being up and responding fine. What is wrong here? All my other sites with Cloudflare and on the same web server respond fine on HTTPS so it’s not a problem on my end.

Any help appreciated,
Thanks in advance!

Does your web server have an SSL certificate for that domain?

No it doesn’t, i’ve deleted all certificates for that domain.

It should. That would most likely fix the 521 problem.

Alright turns out I didn’t remove it correctly thanks for the help!

All I had to do was to delete the certificate files from these directories:
and run a daemon update with my control panel (sentora)

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