CloudFlare 520 Errors

Hi CF community.

I am trying to resolve a flurry of CloudFlare 520 errors that I am experiencing on my site. It manifests as “page offline” using the CloudFlare fallback or images/assets failing to load. When I refresh the page or those assets it resolves the issue, until next time.

I see around 70k pageviews/day and in one day CloudFlare’s debug tool recorded 197 520 errors.

Generally I run a free CloudFlare plan with page rules bolted on, I normally use a Cache Everything /* page rule for performance.

In debugging this issue I ran the server for 48 hrs without any CloudFlare support and saw no issues whatsoever, barring a slight drop in performance (and eating a lot of my origin’s bandwidth (500mb/s).

I have an open ticket on this with CloudFlare directly, unfortunately, I haven’t had a reply in ten days so I turn to the community for some help to resolve this.

I would love to hear of anybody that has experienced the same issues and have successfully resolved them? Or if anybody has some ideas that I can try, I am open to it. If I could get a log from CloudFlare of one of these 520 errors that showed what they recorded from my origin at the time, I would stand a decent chance at fixing it, but without any support I am not having much luck.

Thanks for your time.

520 means the issue is with your host. Who is your host? Siteground?

It is hosted with MDD Hosting.

I have been working with them to resolve this and we can’t find any issues at the hosts site. I have run it with CF disabled and we saw no issues, other than the increased traffic/bandwidth load on the server.

Same thing here. A lot of 520 Errors for the last 3 days. I just talked with my host (siteground) and they told me it might be Cloudflare since they haven’t detected any issue.

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