Cloudflare 520 Error Misery


I’m hopeful some kind soul on here can very kindly assist with a problem that has me tearing my hair out…

I’ve been using Cloudflare for 5+ years without issue - however, the past couple of months we’ve been plagued with regular 520 Errors.

I followed the Cloudflare troubleshooting guide

We’re on a dedicated server/our long-term host inform: “There are no logs that suggest that the web server crashes, and the headers all look normal. Running some tests on my end, I was not able to find anything out of the ordinary”

3+ weeks ago I submitted the requested information (cf-ray/ HAR files etc) to Cloudflare support but they’ve yet to respond - they regularly suggest to post in the community so here I am.

Some visitors don’t experience an issue, but a significant number - including myself, do. Sometimes a device cache clear can offer temporary relief and regain access but shortly afterwards you hit constant 520 errors again.

With Cloudflare ‘Paused’, the issue doesn’t occur.

The issue occurs across both - I currently have Cloudflare paused.

Any help would be hugely appreciated


Unfortunately, I dont seem able to share links to things like a YouTube video showing the issue, or to our website but it’s grand old team dot com.

This is in all likelihood an origin server issue. Still, if you’re on a paid Cloudflare plan, you can visit Dashboard > Analytics & Logs and filter by origin status code to see if that gives you some insight about what factors may be at play. Also, visit your Account’s Audit Log to see if there were changes immediately prior to the issue arising.

Other than that, I’d suggest you check your WordPress installation. Plugin updates are often behind sudden, out-of-nowhere issues. What you can do is roll back all plugins that were updated since the issue began (I suggest you use the WP Rollback plugin.) Purge all caches and un-pause Cloudflare, see how that goes. If the issue doesn’t come back, update your plugins one by one, until you identify the culprit.

Thank you for your kind help.

The issue occurs across both Wordpress and XenForo - and when all plugins are disabled.

I do indeed have a paid plan - I’ve had Cloudflare disabled for a long time now awaiting hopeful Cloudflare support but I enabled it for a few moments last week and you can see the spike in 520s here;

Nothing in the audit log at all - at a complete loss :S

I don’t understand what ’ 1. (Empty X-Requested-With header)’ means, not sure if it’s helpful?

Hi, curious if you made any headway here. I’m grappling with a similar issue.

When we turned off Cloudflare “Speed=>Optimization=>HTTP/2 to Origin”, the 520 errors completely went away and we haven’t seen a single 520 since.

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