Cloudflare 502 issue intermittently, Definitely automated Bot is blocked

Hello Team,

Im getting weird issue since last few days, Cloudflare is blocking many of requests going to my site which is blocked by Definite Bot Attack mode.
This is happening sometimes on normal browsers too which should not considered as a bot.

Also for 1 URL i.e I m getting 502 intermittently, When I m using jio network it is working for sometime and again resulting failing in between, On Vodafone network it is not even working at all.

Now the situation is I turned off Definitely automated Bot still facing same issue even after clearing cache and waiting for 10 minutes.

It would be great if I get anything here, I m seeking help online but no luck !

But as far as I see, that 502 comes from your origin host, not the Cloudflare 502 error, or?


Mobile (LTE):

Cloudflare 502 usually looks like this example:

In case of 502 error, I suggest below article(s):


This is our custom error page configured on Cloudflare only. TO show some user friendly error message to our users.

Cool! :slight_smile:

Now I do get:

I got the 502 error on the first attempt to load the website!

For resolution of a 502 bad gateway or 504 gateway timed out error

  • Contact your hosting provider to troubleshoot these common causes at your origin web server:

  • Ensure the origin server responds to requests for the hostname and domain within the visitor’s URL that generated the 502 or 504 error.

  • Investigate excessive server loads, crashes, or network failures.

  • Identify applications or services that timed out or were blocked.

Thanks for your response.

But as I already mentioned that this is intermittent issue and I m calling API of health check which surely should return 200 OK, Also there is no any traffic going to this subdomain now, I have routed production to different URL. But this needs to be fixed ASAP due to some business issue.

Let me tell you more about my server architecture :
1st Cloudflare routes all requests to GCP hosted Kubernetes ingress
2nd Kubernetes ingress will route it to appropriate Kubernetes service
3rd Kubernetes Service is connected to the actual application.

There is no any issue in the Kubernetes routing internally as there are around 20+ applications running over their which is working as expected, Also the was also working fine before 3 days But without any change in application or the environment it somehow started showing the above issue.

I think there are some other issues at Cloudflare which is blocking the request to go to the server, As I checked by allowing Definitely automated Bot but it still blocking the requests.
This is only working when I turned off Cloudflare Proxy which we should not do.

It would be great if you could help me out in this, I happy to here back from you.

Any Firewall rules setup at GCP?

Now, 404 but not the Cloudflare one:

May I ask you if you already looked into the similar topic from below as a possible help?:

Thanks for Your input guys.

I have resolved this by the way. My base URL for the application was and the favicon.ico was not present on subdomain.
This favicon.ico request was throwing 502 May be because of this It was not allowing next all requests and all requests were going under 502.
I added the favicon.ico file on the base path and it started working.

Thanks for your help.

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