Cloudflare 1014 Error is causing a client site to be down, "CNAME Cross-User Banned"

Hi Cloudflare Team,
Domains affected:,

After completing DNS/NS changes to launch the new client site, a 1014 error was showing up instead of the Findlaw site. Off the thomson reuters network, the client’s old site was still displaying.

The site’s old NS through their old website provider were also on Cloudlfare and the domains were likely using “orange cloud” proxying. So advised the client’s old provider to revoke any SSL certs and to remove the zone file for both domains from their Cloudflare account.

So please cross check all the details from old DNS and new DNS to make sure everything transferred and also check is there any errors from CF side

According to the Cloudflare knowledge base, it would seem that the probable solution is to get Cloudflare Support to manually designate our Cloudflare account over the previous Cloudflare account.

Please confirm with high priority. Thanks.

Krishna MM

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