Cloudflare Warp VPN breaking localhost on mac - fix

So I’ve started using Cloudflare on mac recently, and I’ve had a few issues with localhost. However, I found that the fix is

sudo ifconfig lo0 -alias

Would it be possible for the dev team to add a feature where it automatically runs this command after turning off the VPN? It is annoying to have to run this command every single time after I use it. It would be great if the dev team could add the feature I suggested (or similar). Thanks!

I have exactly the same issue. I resorted to just using wgcf and the WireGuard app in the meantime as I rely on localhost a lot.

@tobi can you pass this issue on to the WARP team? There are many people with this issue:

Another one:

This seems to be resolved in Warp for macOS! Can anyone else independently confirm for me?

Update should be available within the client or from the download page here:
Download Page:
Direct Download:

@jak Just updated and checked it – seems to be fixed! :success:

Woohoo! Happy Dance! :dancer:

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