Cloudflare warp not working with jio fiber

I have been using warp from India, and it was working fine until a few days it stopped working in warp mode on the Jio network, but normal private DNS is working. I tried Reset network settings, Reboot device, Always-on VPN, Clear cache and storage, Uninstall and install, Reset private keys. Did Jio block warp again?


It’s happening once again, I think there are some issues with BOM Colocation center here in India and maybe they are aware of this issue and fixing it even right now, so the best thing we can do right now is just wait for them to fix the BOM center in few days I guess.

Same issue.


Facing the same issue on Jio Network and BOM location. Hope this gets resolved swiftly.

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Same issue

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Same here. Neither Jio Mobile nor JioFiber is able to connect using WARP Protocol. Jio is also not answering my query. Looks like the corporates are now careless about their services.

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I’m facing the same issue with GTPL Broadband since the last few days. A similar thing happened in December too.
Here is my connection information: — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver1i99ai2_gaNzc0NTI5MC4xNjM4Njk0NDQy_gid*OTY2NDQ0OTQ5LjE2NDM5OTMxNDk.#eyJpc0NmIjoiTm8iLCJpc0RvdCI6Ik5vIiwiaXNEb2giOiJObyIsInJlc29sdmVySXAtMS4xLjEuMSI6IlllcyIsInJlc29sdmVySXAtMS4wLjAuMSI6IlllcyIsInJlc29sdmVySXAtMjYwNjo0NzAwOjQ3MDA6OjExMTEiOiJObyIsInJlc29sdmVySXAtMjYwNjo0NzAwOjQ3MDA6OjEwMDEiOiJObyIsImRhdGFjZW50ZXJMb2NhdGlvbiI6IkJPTSIsImlzV2FycCI6Ik5vIiwiaXNwTmFtZSI6Ikx1bWVuIiwiaXNwQXNuIjoiMzM1NiJ9

Same here.

Facing the same issue on JIO. Not able to connect to WARP but DNS is working fine?

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WARP OR WARP + in connecting status

no just BOM, ACTUALLY many other

Same issue on Netplus Broadband and working fine on Airtel 4G mobile data.

I am able to ping correctly just WARP+ doesn’t connect successfully.

If I change Settings > Advanced > Connection Options > DNS Settings > Protocol Options > DNS over HTTPS === This connects but internet doesn’t work.

Switching back to DNS over WARP again stuck on connecting.

In console logs can see both Colo LHR and BOM but this doesn’t look like Colo issue but ISP is blocking connection.

Diagnostic Console logs spam the following when state is stuck in connecting phase on WARP

2022-03-27T21:54:13.825+05:30 | class UDP call timeout

2022-03-27T21:54:23.857+05:30 | class UDP call timeout

What ports are used in WARP connection when Connection is established. Will check if ISP has blocked certain ports.

udp port 53 is working great in many vpn… since warp uses udp protocol … Cloudflare should immediatly look into this issue

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