Cloudflare Latency problems - Greece Since Sat/26/Aug

Hello there, im having latency problems with the DNS resolver based in Greece since Sat/26/Aug.

More specific pings and dns probes jumped from ~10ms to ~40ms

The Provider is OTENET

I have checked the status - maintenance page and there is nothing about Greece.


Maybe a coincidence but we just lost direct replies from - ( 1 hop before )

The problem continues,

We had to change DNS’s temporary until it resolves.

I wish there is a confirmation that this is something “not normal” that Cloudflare is working on it.

The problem has became the new reality by now.

I hope this is something Cloudflare knows and working on solve it.

Quad9 is in 10ms territory as Cloudflare used to be is now our secondary DNS.

You can use IPv6 temporarily:
2606:4700:4700::1111 && 2606:4700:4700::1001

We dont use ipv6

It’s not the case when using Forthnet (NOVA) and HOL (Vodafone), so it looks like something between otenet and cloudflare.

Nice info there, sadly we dont have access to those providers.

Let hope both parties working on it.

Hi, sorry about the increase in latency. The peering with OTENET in Athens is congested and pending an upgrade so the return path is longer but more reliable. We’ll try to see if we can use a different but faster path in the meantime.


It seems that you fixed your problem, but to be honest it took too long for company like cloudflare.

Lets hope it will not happen again.

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