Cloudflare DNS Off Routing

Issue: Off-routing of DNS impacting GEO-routing of CDN.
ISP: Jio
Expected: India
Unexpected: Belgium
When issue happens: If I use DNS in Android 9, or Win 10 Network Adapter settings
When issue doesn’t happen: With Android app. I don’t want to use this app.


Sorry I’m unclear what issue you’re having. is a Cloudflare IP address. What does it have to do with

Above screenshot is taken from conducted test at DNS Leak tool

If I test with Google I get India


If I test with Cloudflare app, then also I get India (That’s expected)

So why I get Belgium location when I use in Android 9 Settings or Network Adapater (That’s unexpected)

IP Location should be always India regardless of method of using DNS either via app or generic settings.

Exactly, this is off-routing I am referring to which is causing slow Internet Experience when I access any 3rd-Party PullZone that does geo-cast routing.

This looks very similar to my Problem that i have.

I had to turn off as DNS Resolver in my Router.

Some Questions.
Do you have ARGO too like me ?
Asking to isolate Problem more.
If you dont have argo then this is clearly isolated just to the DNS Resolve Service.

I do not use Cloudflare CDN at all. A long back, I switched to different provider where I felt satisfactory as per my requirements.

[quote=“user3996, post:6, topic:228574”]
I do not use Cloudflare CDN at all.[/quote]
Thank you very much for the feedback so this is then a DNS Resolve Issue.
They recently updated a important part of their Software Backbone.
My Understanding is that this New Quicksilver Software Solution is causing the DNS and Rerouting Problems i and others had.

I do like what Cloudfare offer with Workers very much.
If my website gains more Popularity i even plan to upgrade from PRO to Bussines Plan to support Cloudflare.
For the moment my Website need get more popular and regain my old SEO Rankings so i am stuck at the moment with PRO Plan.

What were the reasons for the switch and where did you go ?

Think from performance point of view and Price / Value Cloudfare is a own class and unbeatable.
There is nobody who provide this Value for the Price the offer.

I cant imagine there is anyone nearly offering the same for the same Price.
You hvae to be however skilled to use Cloudfalre maximal.

  • A most important reason: Poor routing for Indian traffic for Free, Pro and Business Plan. I have experienced this problem on regular basis for past five years.
  • BunnyCDN, I switched here because it has 3 PoPs here and works fine.

It was a sad decision to leave Cloudflare “CDN” services for which I was familiar with its UI for a long time, but then I also wanted a solution that offers guaranteed regional routing. Enterprise plan was a solution for prioritised routing, but that’s something I can’t afford.

I would be more than happy to see if Cloudflare discontinue free plan and focus on quality routing instead for Indian customer, maybe that helps in maintaining a fair balance for every customer.

It’s sad to see that many commercial sites making a profit are using free plan while it’s clear that Free Plan is for evaluation purpose only. Probably, weak policy implementation has led to such an effect.

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Yeah fully understand and share your view.

lets hope the problems with DNS Resolving problem get solved fast too.
A lot of people report problems since about 10 Days when using as a resolver direct in their Network Settings without to use any app just as a DNS Resolver instead

This is the Problem you have myself and others. says that IP is in Los Angeles. It’s probably not in either place.

Probably not. would tell you which colo is being hit when using the DoH resolution.

Cloudflare does not send EDNS0 Client-subnet information to resolvers for privacy reasons. That may impact routing.

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That is absolutely not the case. Our terms and conditions make no such claim or assertion.

Please refer to Cloudflare site which clearly mention in that way -

Also, you can find at
"We offer a Free plan for small personal websites, blogs, and anyone who wants to evaluate Cloudflare" - Google Search

Thanks for clarifying. That’s helpful for me. My use case was related to CNAME Flattening where I experienced issues.

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