Cloudflair image TTL time

I am using cloud flair image service and once i got cloud flair image from imagedelivery url , page speed insight show me TTL time 4 hours

How i can increase the TTL time from 4 hours to 1 year ?

How i can increase the TTL time for image from imagedelivery url?

I would recommend moving these to be under your own domain, at which point you can use something like Transform Rules.

You’ll currently be using the dedicated domain but all of your images are actually available under your website in the /cdn-cgi/imagedelivery path.

As an example, here’s a blob:

If I wanted to serve this under my domain, it would be

Pretty much just replace with

Now that it’s under your domain, your zone’s rules will apply to it. As an example, here’s the default Cache-Control header.


We can now create a Transform Rule to modify the Cache-Control response header that’ll allow us to set a much longer cache on the browser. You can create these here:

31536000 translates to 1 year, the maximum value. You can read about the other options available in the Cache-Control header here: Cache-Control - HTTP | MDN

Now if we check that image again, it has the Cache-Control value that we set.


Maybe not ideal - but it works.


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