Cloudfire isnt redirected to another domain

lets go:

The DNS complete:

and the rules:

Well, you changed the rule again. It neither matches what you posted at Cloudfire is creating trouble to redirect a domain! nor what is mentioned in the tutorial.

I can only stress again to exactly follow the tutorial, in particular when it comes to the rule setup and the matching URL.

Dude, I did exactly as in the tutorial! Noting that the video is very old, the screen does not correspond with the current version of cloudfire, so I tested variations of the domain with and without the WWW, so that in previous responses to you I said that in mac safari, if I type www. it redirects to another domain. In Chrome is not redirecting, I saw in the video tutorial of the link including you posted, because this link I had already found before making this topic, I followed, put the 1, 2, as I saw the boy doing in the video, but still I did not succeed.

i dunno what I did, but now is working in both browsers!
@sandro thanks for all help u gave me!!

curious, the site is ok, but emails, now are not arriving and delivering

Please use the search. We cant rehash every single topic that has been already addressed not just once.

What is you problem using a simple INDEX.HTML in the domain you want to be redirected ?