CloudFire firewall blocking CloudFare WARP user

I’m using CloudFlare WARP but when I go to access some sites the firewall itself blocks me for suspected attack(Error 1020) The firewall is distributed by CloudFlare, how can I solve it?

If you turn WARP off, are you still blocked?

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when I turn off, I can access normally

Those sites have some Firewall setting that’s blocking your access through WARP. Do you have a good enough relationship with any of these to ask them to check their Cloudflare Firewall logs for that Ray ID?

Unfortunately not, if the reason is really this, no problem, I can turn off WARP when I’m accessing.

I really found this strange because it doesn’t make much sense for the cloudfire firewall to block an ip provided by the own

The real reason I am using WARP is due to route problems with my internet provider, when they resolve I believe it will no longer be useful for me to use WARP.

If there really isn’t a way to solve it on the client side, I believe that’s it, thanks for the help!

(Sorry for my bad English)

What doesn’t make sense is that a Cloudflare site and WARP working together should know your actual IP address, just as the site would if you weren’t using WARP.

That’s why it would help to know what shows up in the firewall log.