Cloudfare's MX Record is not matching my domain provider's MX record

I got my LLC with Inc Authority and they gave me 5 business emails with it, I can’t log into them on outlook. I contacted their customer support and they said the issue is that Cloudflare’s MX record is different from theirs, and they requested that I contact Cloudflare.

Now, I found out I cannot do that unless I “upgrade” which doesn’t make any sense, is there a way I can do it manually myself? The guy on the phone said it takes seconds to do.

The MX record won’t impact your ability to log in to your mail, but could affect delivery of mail from outside to the mail host.

What is your domain name?


If that is, your domain is not with Cloudflare, it is hosted by Hostinger (who use Cloudflare for name servers, maybe that’s why you were told to contact Cloudflare) and email with someone else. Any DNS changes you will need to make at Hostinger.

dig +short ns

dig +short

dig +short mx
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I see, I recently chose hostinger to do webhosting, I got the domain from inc authority and requested a transfer to hostinger, but I created the emails on inc authority. Maybe the switch did something because I am not able to log into any of the emails I was previously able to before. The ones I’m currently logged into now are not receiving any emails because the error message reads:

" Your message couldn’t be delivered to [email protected] because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information."

I contacted hostinger and they said they fixed the dns/spf issue, I appreciate you pointing this out to me, thank you very much.

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