Cloudfare URLs

Hello and thank you for putting this community together! very informative info on here.
We are in the process of whitelisting URLs on an application hosted on cloudfare and would like to ask if there are additional further URLs directly from Cloudfare that we need to include besides the IP listings. thanks

Hi there.
I’m not sure what you’re asking. It sounds like you whitelisted Cloudflare IPs and are looking to see if there’s more you need to configure on your firewall. Is that correct?

Good morning Owen,
Correct. we are utilizing URLs strictly and want to know if in addition to the IPv4 cloudfare IP listing,are there Cloudfare URLs to include.
We have a Site that has a URL list to permission on our firewall but in addition to the known cloudfare IPs are there any cloudfare URLs that need to be addressed? thanks in advance.

Not that I know of. Cloudflare handles those specific URL requests for you so they won’t need to be in a whitelist. Make sure you grab the IPv6 IPs as well.

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