Cloudfare Turnstile

After installing and enabled “Cloudfare Turnstile”, my WordPress admin ID was force-logged off and no longer able to gain access to WordPress WP admin login page. What can be the problem(s) and remedy, please? Thanks!

Where did you enable it? Turnstile needs to added to the HTML page, it’s not enough to enable it, and I am pretty sure it doesn’t work on Wordpress’ Admin login page.

Am using the “WPForms” plugin and it gives me options to choose a few CAPTCHAs. “Turn stile” is one of them.

Currently I moved the NS (Network Server) addresses to the default, not pointing to the Cloudfare and working fine.


If these were the the thing that solved the issue then Turnstile is not the problem. You probably misconfigured something somewhere.

I can now see the admin login page because the NS addresses are not pointing to Cloudafare and Turnstile are not chose the WPforms … isn’t this root cause Turnstile?