Cloudfare Stream player controls question, and possible autoplay issue

I’ve written a Joomla module to display videos using the Cloudfare Stream Player. The video controls include:

  • Play speed
  • Video quality
  • Extra Options (report playback issue, copy video ID, etc)
  1. Is there a method for hiding these while still keeping the other controls (play/pause/volume)?

  2. My module can append the Cloudfare video URL with:


But this does not work in my module’s output. My video will autoplay when the URL is


This is not critical for me as I have worked around it. I just wanted report it as a possible issue.

to clarify issue #2, my code goes like this:

	src="<?php echo $videoID; ?>?autoplay=<?php echo $autoplay; ?>"
	style="border: none;"
	allowfullscreen="<?php echo $allowFullscreen; ?>">

but if the variable ‘autoplay’ is set to ‘false’ in the module, and the resulting output is semantically correct (src=“”)

the video will still autoplay

my workaround is

	src="<?php echo $videoID; ?><?php if (($autoplay) == 'true') { ?>&autoplay=true<?php } ?>"
	style="border: none;"
	allowfullscreen="<?php echo $allowFullscreen; ?>">

which is not ideal but solves the problem.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce it. We’ll update this thread once its fixed.


Any word on issue #1 (the ability to hide Speed, Quality, and Option controls on the player)?

The UI customization info would be good to know if available.

It is not possible to hide specific controls part of the Stream Player at the moment. Could you share why you’d like to hide them?

Sorry for the delayed response.

I am tyring to create as clean a presentation as possible for a client’s portfolio of videos. Play Speed, Video Quality, and Extra Options are extra UI that are not likely to get a lot of use by visitors, so it would be nice to be able to hide them. But it’s not critical to the client.

@web43 thanks for the answer! This is not something we have right now but it’s something we’re considering making available.

If this becomes a critical requirement by your client, I suggest checking out a third party video player and using it with HLS/DASH URLs provided in the API. Plyr, VideoJS, MediaElement.js are some options to consider. Please keep in mind that implementing a new video player requires significant HTML/Javascript work to ensure it works in many devices and browsers.

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