Cloudfare so stay alive when i get lots of visitors?


My homepage will be on tv next week. I´ve got a quadcore server with 8gb ram.

Now I am afraid that my site will go down, when everbody tries to visit it when i am on tv. My question:
Can Cloudflare help me with this problem?

For now i have installed the free plan of Cloudflare.

Thanks a lot for your help

If possible, use a Page Rule and set ** for Cache Everything, and Edge Cache TTL to 12 hours.

I say “if possible” because some sites depend on cookies and/or are very dynamic and need to be live at all times.

Hey thanks for your answer…
Since it is a onlineshop I think this will be not possible?

Is it possible to cache just the “home” site, and not the online store?

So for example: I want to cache my hole domain but not the link

is this possible? :slight_smile:

Two options:

  1. Cache Everything and Edge TTL for * (this is just the homepage only)
  2. First rule ** and Bypass Cache. and Second rule to Cache Everything and Edge Cache for ** (This will keep your shop live and uncached, but everything else will be cached)

Definitely test these out before the big day.

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