Cloudfare seems to get the request but not forwarded to my server

…it seems that my ssl/tls setting are not the problem, at least all certificates are active and everything was working with my home assistant server up to a week or soo…

in Cloudflare seems it get the request but everything else looks normal, si I can of lost where to star looking ofr issues…

any suggestions?..

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  1. What domain?

  2. What kind of error codes/messages do you see?

  3. How exactly do you determine that Cloudflare gets the request, but isn’t actually forwarding it?


…thank you for your quick repply, all good questions, I will do my best to answer them:

for context, is how I acces my home assistant in my home server, using Cloudflare to access remotely was working perfectly up to a week or so, as far as I remember I did not change anything in my server (ubuntu linux, no updates, no network commands or new/edited firewall rules). About a week ago there was an update of the Cloudflare HA plugin to version 4.2.3 from 4.2.2…all my local devices still can access the HA server locally using (http) …nothing have change on that regard neither…
As an additional test, I start a trial with the ha cloud service (nabu I think) and it works,…is slower than Cloudflare in my case…so back to the issue…

  1. What domain?
    …I can see is redirected inmidiately to … (https) that’s good right?, it mean it reach the server?
    … working a week or so ago…

  2. What kind of error codes/messages do you see?
    …the only thing that a browser return is a home assistan page: Unable to connect to Home Assistant. and a cout down to retry…can’t see any html error, should I look somewhere?

  3. How exactly do you determine that Cloudflare gets the request, but isn’t actually forwarding it?
    Not completely sure, but…
    From the client side everything seems to load normal, tunnel connection is stablish (from HA log):

    [19:28:42] INFO: Finished setting up the Cloudflare Tunnel
    [19:28:42] INFO: Connecting Cloudflare Tunnel…

On the Cloudflare page I can see the access traffic on dates that coincide with my attemps to access remotely but as described they fail…

…but while I was writing this update, I access again to my Cloudflare account to look for more information and I notice that both of my domains was change from “active” to “moved” with a not so nice “warning” sign…really, just now!..I still reading what is about and how to fix it…but I sure that on my side I did not change a thing when all this start happening…
…it seems that is asking me to change some dns servers with my ISP provider…that’s not going to happend… :-1:

…any ideas or suggestions?..I can keep debuggin if necessary…

Your domain appears to no longer registered.

You may want to move to a paid domain registration through a more reliable registrar.

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any idea why that happen?..or is that some free stuff ends?..

Freenom are anything but a reliable service having lost control of .ml and .ga domains in the last few months. When you use a free domain from them you are not the registrant and have no rights. I wouldn’t use them for paid domain either.

As per the page above, even free domains require renewal.

I suggest registering a domain through an accredited domain registrar/reseller and to stay away from “free” domains—many ccTLDs/gTLDs are already fairly well priced.

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…you are right, I was just reading about it, it seems that now there are issues with .tk domains too…yeap I will look for a more reliable and permanent solution…



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