Cloudfare reminds Sorry, you have been blocked

Hi,i’m using wordpress and have installed a plugin that allowed customers upload pictures in woocommerce reviews
but when upload a image cloudfare said:

Sorry, you have been blocked

You are unable to access

i found no firewall rules in cloudfare settings,how can i solve this?thanks

Check the Firewall Overview. It should show you the Events Log with the blocking activity. That should show you why the request was blocked.

@sdayman hi,i set like this,but it still not work

What do the firewall logs say?

Can you post a screenshot of that error?
When I try to access wp-comments-post.php i get a 405, presented by your webserver. How ever, i am not 100% sure if I hit the correct path.

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@MarkMeyer hi,the logs says:

it seems cause by cloudfare default rules,i’ve find others post the same problem here:Unable to post a comment with attachment
i’ll wait for cloudfare staff reply from this topic and find solutions

Hi @Oriunion,

Yes, it sounds like exactly the same issue. The response from support is addressed there.

This is not the best place to get a staff reply, the staff generally respond to support tickets, but the community tends to be us helping!

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