Cloudfare product to acclerate mobile experience

We have a mobile application which heavily makes use of rwd web pages.Is there any product which would help accelerate the mobile experience by improving the performance of the app?

We are looking for something at the mobile end rather than integrating at the backend. I get to see that the MobileSDK has been deprecated. Does that mean there are no products that can be deployed/integrated at the mobile end to leverage the user experience?

Hello there,

This is quite typical for what you are asking. I’ve not heard anything so far without integration. Without integration, you wouldn’t be able to achieve your purpose, unless you’ve something superior.

You are looking for improving the performance. There are products. However, you are required to alter the existing (may/ may not-accordingly). Without which, it would be impossible. Cloudflare offers hybrid mobile app accelerated for mobile experience. Firebase products is another featured one. Check these docs:

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