Cloudfare pages deployment failed still shows success message

We are using Jenkins job to deploy our static react website to Cloudflare pages. Jenkins job is using wrangler deploy command to deploy the pages. At one instance we got the the confirmation that uploading is successful to pages but on the Cloudflare dashboard it is showing failed deployment. Can you please help here with the issue. Apart from do we have any mechanism to log these errors with wrangler only so that we can failed the jenkins job final status in these cases.
Logs for reference

#29 [cloudfarepages 4/4] RUN wrangler pages deploy build --project-name='*******l'
#29 3.677 Uploading... (903/909)
#29 6.493 Uploading... (905/909)
#29 7.473 Uploading... (907/909)
#29 29.72 Uploading... (909/909)
#29 29.72 ✨ Success! Uploaded 6 files (903 already uploaded) (26.75 sec)
#29 29.72 
#29 30.41 ✨ Uploading _headers
#29 41.09 ✨ Deployment complete! Take a peek over at https://a75ff192.******
#29 DONE 42.2s

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This happened to us too. Any update on your end?

I’m having literally the same problem, tried both using the starter nextjs template and the astro template with the necessary modifications to host it on cloudflare