Cloudfare not improving Website speed


I have changed my nameservers as requested and tried to optimize everything on my site and even upgraded my hosting yet my website is still takes a while to load. Any reasons as to why? I’m quite new to all of this.



What’s the domain?

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Might be worth checking the size of your assets - images should be optimised (using something like tinypng) and front-end css/html/js minified.

Also, if you’re loading a site from a server hosted in a different country, or have a poor internet connection, that might affect your results.

See what either GT Metrix or Google Pagespeed suggest;

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I actually reviewed other pagespeed sights and they said that it was my server that was slow, so I had to change my hosting plan. Cloudflare was actually doing its job.


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Yeah I optimized everything but after looking at things closely it was my server that was slow, not cloudflare. Thanks!

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In most cases, the origin is most likley the source of the problem.


URL showing as suspended :upside_down_face:

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