Cloudfare login lost, DNS is cloudfare, hacked,

My website on Cloudflare DNS is hacked.

I do not have the hoteyebasic co za login details to Cloudflare and possibly because it was hacked by opening a Cloudflare account.

The nameservers on are: meilani ns cloudflare com, jaziel ns cloudflare com.

Cloudflare was used to hack my domain hoteyebasic co za

I am not getting any support from Cloudflare, so I am forced to proceed and publish to HelloPeter com.

Cloudflare is being used to hack websites. No support.

Don’t create multiple thread @gert2.

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Doesn’t seem to be hacked at CF. It looks to be your at host level/ registrar a/c is compromised. Contact your DNS hosting company or if you’ve access to the panel, login to the same and update the nameservers to the default (which you’re using). That’s what you can do and secure your site!


If you have have read my message you will notice I showed that Cloudflare has been made the DNS hosting company. was hosted om my own servers with fixed IP. Is this difficult to understand?

No it isn’t.

As above, someone accessed the registrar and changed the DNS.

Now you need to do this


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