Good evening changed my DNS RECORDS into Cloudafare ones on the 23th and took onboard that Jetpack and Cloudfare had to be configured right to avoid issues with WAF.

Have placed the page rule for wp-admin in the relevant section tab for Cloudfare .Have taken notice that I got a few error logs in my Apache since I changed the dns servers.I contacted the hosting company and they let me know to enter Apache WAF and exclude the id rules that appear in the error logs.

Is it safe to do so are there any configurations between Jetpack and Cloudfare that I should know of?
Thanks (

Hi @mike28,

A page rule can have many settings. Could you post a screenshot of your page rule and of the 403 errors you are getting? Also, the link to the Jetpack documentation where you found the suggestion to create the page rule. This way people in this community will be more likely to contribute a solution to your questions.

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