Cloudfare is Blocking all access to my site

I am using google domains (which will soon be squarespace domains) and I added the custom name servers created by Cloudflare. Cloudflare shows that my site is active however all activity is blocked.

I added one rule under WAF which was if the country does not equal US or Canada then block, but again all access was blocked.

Even when I disabled this rule everything was blocked. When looking at the events you can clearly see that all United States were blocked and it is saying because of the custom rule ???

Please help. I just want to simply geo-block all traffic not from US and Canada. Seems possible with free version.

You need to use AND between the countries instead of OR.

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I am very new to this so I will give it a try. However, I don’t understand why when I disabled the rule my site still blocked? As soon as the name servers switched to Cloudflare from google it was blocked.

Do you have any other rules? What is the site?

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