Cloudfare for SSL but GoDaddy for email

Hello, I need help editing the DNS. I want cloudflare to host my SSL but my email needs to be hosted with GoDaddy. Is this possible? If so, what DNS records should I be using?

Cloudflare doesn’t host SSL. That’s your host’s responsibility. But Cloudflare can provide an origin SSL certificate for the host:

Thank you for your response. I’m sorry maybe didn’t word properly? I received a free SSL from Cloudflare a few years back. I had to change my DNS records with them to make my site secure / https. But I now want an @ domain email with my website host GoDaddy. They said I should contact Cloudflare about changing the MX and A records ?

You most likely never made your site really secure, if you did not have a certificate on your server.

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Yeah, I am afraid that’s not how it works. You are checking the proxy certificate and ignore your insecure server.

Your site will still be insecure.

And it very much is insecure.

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Hmm. Ok thank you.

Can anyone please help with changing the DNS, MX or A records or whatever needs to be changed so I can receive mail @ my domain name. I have the email set up in GoDaddy but I am not receiving mail because of the Cloudflare server. GoDaddy said I need to contact Cloudlfare… I am not sure what I need to do… thanks in advance.

First you should fix the SSL issue.

How do I do that?

Best is to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), then talk to your host to get SSL to work, and only once your site loads fine on HTTPS unpause Cloudflare.

ok thanks

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