Cloudfare Error Page 1001 - Sub Domain

Hey, I’m experiencing a log time now the issue that when I connect my Sub Domain - Linked to my software Provide, it’s getting redirected to a Error 1001 Page instead the correct side, I’ve build.

The Software Company said it’s because the following:

The hostname is part of a blocked domain. This web property cannot currently be added to Cloudflare. Cloudflare has marked this domain as a blocked domain. This may be for the following reasons:
If you were previously associated with Cloudflare and Cloudflare has marked you as abusive
If you are connected to a Cloudflare account and your account has billing issues, such as unpaid invoices
Ask the customer to send an email to [email protected] with the name of the web property and a detailed explanation of your association with that web property.

I’ve send multiple mails to the support, no reply or answer. Maybe someone of you could help with my issue or knows anything helpful. I’m really struggling with that problem for months now and no help here from Support side. Thanks in advance

@cloonan I saw that you helped someone else with that problem. Maybe you can help me as well. That issue is causing us major issues for months now and cost us much data and money.
It’s about my sub domain:

I’ve also opened a ticket, in case you can refer to it. : #3291716

Your help helps and means lot!!!

Historical WHOIS records show your domain used Cloudflare for about 4 years, until about 2 weeks ago when nameservers were changed to BunnyCDN.

Was there any billing issue, abuse incident, or some other ToS violation before the departure? Note that the more background info you provide, the faster you’ll get to a resolution.

Actually the support from Cloudflare is so bad that we changed 2 weeks ago.
The issue was already before and we never got any help.
All Invoices were paid, still it shows this issue even in the Account istelf.

We never had any violation or so ever…

Cloudare makes life really hard tbh.

It’s actually sad to see such a big company, is not responding to mails, calls or so ever.
We want to give Cloudflare Money, were even willing to pay for a higher account to receive support but looks like this company is too big and special to provide proper support to customer.

Hi @user10622 I see the team has escalated your ticket 3291716 to the Trust & Safety team. That team will need to reply to you.

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