Cloudfare Email Forwards to Apple Custom Domain

Hello - I have a custom domain through Apple. This is used for my family / personal purposes. It only allows me three email addresses for the domain. Is it possible to add additional email address forwards through Cloudflare, that forward to any of the three custom domain email addresses. Looking to create a true custom email of the domain, not alias+custom [[email protected]]

The Cloudflare support docs states that I need to enable Email Routing, to then “I assume” get the ability to create email addresse aliases. Will this accomplish what I am looking for ? Can this action mess up the three existing email addresses I have with my apple custom domains ? Just looking for confidence that I’m not wasting my time or screwing up my existing email.

Also - I assume as I work my way through the page below, I will be guided through creating the proper DNX records and/or DMARC policy

Thank you