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Stop: Is this post about the product “Cloudflare Access”?
hello, by mistake I removed my site from cloudfare, and I received the email to warn me … in which it says “that I could restore it” but I don’t know how to do it … would I have a way to restore it?

EDIT: I have now seen another topic where it says to re-enter the site as “add site” but it tells me this: "Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of SITE at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later. " now are 3 hours or so that I try to reassociate the site because it does not work?

Unfortunately the Freenom WHOIS is broken at this time. So you can’t re-add the domains registered under Freenom for now.

but only those re-added? I tried with a new domain always done on freenom and it doesn’t work…

Basically all Add Site operations will fail if you try to add a Freenom domain to Cloudflare.

oh okey, thank you!

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