Cloudfare does not recognize stripe/checkout

Hi Guys,

Would appreciate if anyone can help me. I enabled Cloudflare through CPanel - using A2 Hosting. Things are pre-set from the server site. However, i noticed that my stripe checkout became a few seconds slower - was 2-3 seconds, post cloudflare it’s about 6-7 seconds. Gtmetrix/Yscore is suggesting that CDN does not recognize Stripe. Attached please see the screenshot. How can i make sure that my free/cloudfare settings are correct? Do i need to add rules? Please note that i am not a developer.

PS I am using WP Rocket for cache. Many thanks in advance,


The screenshot has absolutely nothing to do with Cloudflare. That’s GTMetrix evaluating I’m 99.999% sure you’d get the same warnings even if you weren’t using Cloudflare.

For better site testing, open up your browser’s Developer Tools and go to the Network tab to watch the timing for each of your resources. That should show you what’s slowing things down. The Console section of Dev Tools is also helpful if there are errors and/or warnings.

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