Cloudfare DNSSEC and godaddy Algorithm mismatch

When I setup DNSSEC starting with cloudfare it gives me an Algorithm of 13.

Now trying to enter the data into godaddy admin panel it gives me set (drop down list) algorithms of “…, 8, 10, 12, 252, …” so I am unable to enter the value of 13.

I dont get godaddy providing only set values.
Am I doing something wrong?

Any ideas anyone?

13 is all Cloudflare offers. I’m actually surprised GoDaddy doesn’t have it on their list because I could have sworn there are GoDaddy domains with DNSSEC enabled here.

The bottom line is Domain registrars, such as GoDaddy, are supposed to support Algorithm 13.

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Very good answer, thank you!
I launched a ticket with Godaddy, as I expected “the domain is not premium, the option is not available”.
Well suckers.

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