Cloudfare DNS checker finds 190+ A records

While configuring a domain, I stumbled upon ~190 A records- found by cloudfare’s dns checker. I can’t see these records on my current nameserver, they are all of the like (‘security’, ‘services’, ‘backup’ etc.).

It seems that Cloudfare is looking to different nameservers in this instance. How do I find where these records originate from? Checked some of the biggest nameservers and all seem to agree with what I see on the current nameserver.

If you have a wildcard entry in your existing DNS it will match every hostname tested for creation by Cloudflare.


Since Cloudfare cached the result and the UI is what it is, I had to manually delete the extra entries. This seems easily avoidable…

No wildcard domain make sense though.

Can’t confirm, but will mark your answer as the explanation.

Also, that list of subdomains I got, is probably the top 200 A records on Cloudfare.

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