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We are using webhotell and our website is under developing mode. We need a caching plugin and CDN. For free CDN, how can we use cloudfare CDN but still keep using webhotel?

Will they let you use external DNS (custom name servers) for your website?

Yes, but then we can’t manage our files via file manager.

That’s a peculiar problem. Any idea why using other DNS breaks the file manager?

Can you currently use SFTP (secure FTP) to upload your files?

Then this will be dobble work for us to upload files.
So there is no possibility to keep and use Cloudfare CDN?

I’m not sure why using an SFTP client would double your work. They behave very much like a web-based file manager. Usually better.

You’d have to check with one . com and find out why you can’t use external DNS.

Hi sdayman,
Finally after many suggested, I changed my nameservers to cloudflare.
I checked with my webhosting,, and they said following:

  1. We can still point server to our server from cloudflare cp. I tried this but seems like it didn’t applied? Maybe because I have to wait until cloudflare CDN is active? it takes about 24 hours?
  2. I can also use control panel to edit files and my website files if I point to our IP adress. How do I do that? I am pretty sure that I tried that also.

Thanks in advance !

DNS can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate. You haven’t said what your domain is, so I can’t check to see what is and is not working.

Hi sdayman,
Thank you for your speedy reply. Just got confirmation from that nameserver has been successfully changed.
The domain is: , will appreciate for soonest reply regarding these 2 changes (Ip adress point to hosting and mx to point to

My domain: is been active now with cloudflare. I just wanted to ensure about the MX record so that I still receive my emails through my hosting provider. Also want to point IP to our hosting provider.

Your website works and your domain has valid MX records, though I’m not sure how well they’ll work.

It looks like you have a hostname of “mail” that’s set to :orange: and used in an MX record. That’s generally a problem:

Thanks sdayman,
Actually I don’t have knowlegde in this kind of server changes, so I did as I read on cloudflare, youtube and suggested our hosting.
Now I just removed “mail” and added correct MX with domain. Could you kindly check is that correct? Now my CDN will still be with Cloudflare and my emails will be through my hosting ( ?

Additonally I also pointed to our IP adress, so that I can use cp from hosting directly connected to wordpress website.

Thank you for your help !


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