Cloudfare CDN +

We are using webhotell and our website is under developing mode. We need a caching plugin and CDN. For free CDN, how can we use cloudfare CDN but still keep using webhotel?

Will they let you use external DNS (custom name servers) for your website?

Yes, but then we can’t manage our files via file manager.

That’s a peculiar problem. Any idea why using other DNS breaks the file manager?

Can you currently use SFTP (secure FTP) to upload your files?

Then this will be dobble work for us to upload files.
So there is no possibility to keep and use Cloudfare CDN?

I’m not sure why using an SFTP client would double your work. They behave very much like a web-based file manager. Usually better.

You’d have to check with one . com and find out why you can’t use external DNS.