Cloudfare Caching Issues on Staging and Live version

Hi there,

We are facing a strange issue where buttons and popups don’t open on my live website. The URL of the website is

Now, the website seems to be working perfectly in our country (India) However it is facing an issue with when the region changes to North America.

The issue is on the Top right purple button named “FREE CONSULTATION” Screenshot attached for your ref

The funny thing is I tried accessing the staging version of this website using a VPN (browsec, HMA) to check if it’s facing the same issue and turns out it also works perfectly in all regions. Here is the link to my staging environment:-

I reconfirmed this with WP-engine support and they said it was because of a caching issue with Cloudflare. I tried to purge all the cache however it’s still not resolved.

Can you please get this rectified asap? Looking forward to your assistance

That site isn’t being proxied by Cloudflare at the moment, and the two versions are almost identical.

On Staging, it links to a modal. On Production, it links to /404.

Again, this is without the Cloudflare proxy, so something is going on with your server.

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