Cloudfare Caching causes Propagation Problem?

I was previously using Cloudfare for my domain DNS. But when I switched to another hosting company, dns just doesn’t propagation properly across the globe. I have already tried hostgator and godaddy servers but still got the same propagation problem.

Just wondering if caching from Cloudfare could cause propagation problem and if so how to solve it?

Your question is not very clear. You can switch between all the hosts you want, the nameservers will always stay the Cloudflare ones.

What exactly the issue? Be as detailed as possible and post screenshots.

I have recently changed server, and main problem is I can’t access my website from my location. But my website is visible to other countries. So apparently, propagation is the problem.

To try resolving the problem, I have cleared cache on my computer, tried custom nameserver with Godaddy. Now I am testing it on Hostgator server and still got the same issue.

Also, I’d recommend to check out the very first posting in this forum.

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