Cloudfare blocking my access to a website? Why?

Cloudflare Ray ID: 864b6c4cea661da0

Your company has been blocking my access to important websites I need to get my work done and solve some serious problems. YOU also do not make it easy for us to solve these types of issues. Seems you hold power that you should be banned from holding to be honest. It is companies like yours that cause serious problems and in some cases can severely damage individuals. I do hope your access to this level of power is banned in the future.

I need to access this site to help my kitten.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 864b6c4cea661da0

Websites themselves choose to use Cloudflare’s tools to protect their sites and configure their own rules however they see fit, not Cloudflare. You will need to contact the website operator (use Google or find on social media if you can’t get a contact) with the ray ID to ask for help.

You can also see if your IP address is listed here…

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