Cloudfare automatically added (3) AAAA records to my DNS

As i said ,when i rename my NS to Cloudfare as my first panel screen tolds me in order to use the service, when the verification process is done, automatically added (4) AAAA records to my DNS records similar to this:

Type Name Content
AAAA. (my domine name) XXXX:XXXX:XX::XXXX:XEXX
AAAA. (my domine name) XXXX:XXXX:XX:XXXX:XFXX

1.This DNS are neccesary?
2. Can i remove them?
3. From now on can I manipulate my dns from cloudflare or do I have to keep adding them from my previous registrar?

Thank you so much, i´m a little confused with this topic.

If you’re doing a public lookup, that’s normal. They probably added four A records as well for the same hostnames. Now your site is reachable with IPv4 and IPv6.

If it’s actually within your DNS page in the Cloudflare Dashboard, let us know.

Not necessary but as @sdayman pointed out this makes your website available on IPV4 and IPV6

You can but you will lose the IPV6 availability.

You should only use the Cloudflare DNS now since your name servers are pointed to CF. If you change any DNS records over at your previous registrar they won’t show up as active DNS records.

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