Cloudfare and VPNs

I installed Cloudfare on my iMac, but it won’t connect with my VPN on (F-Secure Freedome), so they cannot co-exist?

By Coudflare you mean the Gateway client in Warp mode? Yes, it currently does not support split tunneling:

For Cloudflare for Teams customers utilizing the warp client the ability to manage this is on the roadmap.

Current workaround would be to disable Warp (and just use DNS) or disconnect the client while using the alt VPN client.

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Yes, the Gateway client in Warp mode. I understand now, since at its core Cloudfare is a also a VPN client. I assume that this applies as well to my iPhone and iPad, where I have the Cloudfare app installed and am running my Freedome VPN?

This would apply to all versions of the Gateway client.

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